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Points to realize

  • During his time at Madrid, Kroos has collected 21 trophies, notably four La Liga crowns and four UEFA Champions League wins, three of which he won back-to-back from 2016 to 2018. 
  • Kroos was also named the competition’s player of the period each time.
  • After his loan at Bayer Leverkusen expired in the summer of 2010, Kroos came back to Bayern Munich.
  • From 2013 to 2014, Kroos made a comeback to full fitness and participated in both the German Super Cup and the UEFA Super Cup.

Toni Kroos Net Worth

About Toni Kroos Net Worth

He is a famous football player and his total earnings are around twenty-five million dollars. As a DM for Real Madrid, Toni Kroos makes £400,000 per week. Moreover, £20,800,000 annually. The total Toni Kroos is appreciated is £149,032,000. On 30th June, 2024 his agreement will end.

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Apart from his athletic prowess, Kroos is also a shrewd businessman. His financial position has grown as a result of the transactions he invested in various companies. Kroos has signed major business deals with Hugo Boss, Nivia and Adidas during the course of his long and famous successful career.

Toni Kroos Net Worth in 2024 $25 million
Primary income source As a German football player
Other income sources Through brand endorsements, investments and business

 How did Toni Kroos get popularity?

He is considered to be one of the best midfield players of all time and usually operates as a center midfielder. His talent for seeing, passing, creating, crossing, and placing pieces is well-known. He has also represented the German National Team with his game.

The squad hardly played him, and he chose to spend eighteen months on loan at Bayer Leverkusen, where he made a significant contribution. 2010 saw him return with more expertise in the parent club. In addition to winning two straight league titles, Kroos won two DFB-Pokal trophies, a UEFA Champions League title, and three votes for league team of the season while playing for Bayern.

Full name Toni Kroos 
Occupation German footballer
Birth Place Greifswald, East Germany
Age 34-year-old
Nationality Germany
Date of birth 4th January, 1990
Brother name Felix Kroos
Father name Roland Kroos
Mother name Not known
Spouse Jessica Farber
Children Two sons and a daughter
Present team Real Madrid
Position Midfielder

Exciting facts about Toni Kroos-

Exciting facts about Toni Kroos

David Alaba shattered the record in 2010 when Kroos, then 17 years and 265 days old, became the youngest player ever to play for Bayern in an official match at the point of his start.

At the end of his rookie campaign, Kroos made twenty appearances for Bayern, six of which were starts. In 12 games for Bayern Munich II in the Regionalliga Süd, he contributed three goals.

However, on 5th November 2008, in the fourth match of the group round, he made his professional debut in the UEFA Champions League against Fiorentina as a 79th-minute replacement.


The facts about Toni Kroos net worth at a very young age will surprise you. He is a successful player and possesses brilliant business skills that help him live the richest life. Visit here to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is Toni Kroos’s weekly salary? 

At the moment, Toni Kroos makes £400,000 every week. 

Q.2 What is Toni Kroos’s annual salary? 

 At the moment, Toni Kroos makes £20,800,000 annually. 

 Q.3 What is the total amount of money that Toni Kroos has made? 

Toni Kroos has amassed £149,032,000 in earnings. 

Q.4 Which team is Toni Kroos currently on? 

In the La Liga, Toni Kroos is a player for Real Madrid. 

Q.5 When does the existing agreement for Toni Kroos run out? 

The agreement that exists with Toni Kroos ends on 30th June 2024. 

Q.6 What is Toni Kroos’ age? 

The age of Toni Kroos is thirty-three.

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