Lexi Thompson Net Worth 2024- Wealth of the American Golfer!

The article highlights Lexi Thompson Net Worth, Career, Wikipedia, Income, and her Retirement Announcement in 2024. 


  • The American Golfer Lexi Thompson, has announced her retirement honor Instagram account through a thank you post. 
  • Lexi has talked about her loneliness and the hard work that no one paid attention to that affected her mental health, and it is one of the factors why she took this drastic decision. 
  • Readers are curious to know Lexi Thompson Net Worth after her retirement plans only at the age of 29. 
  • There are no details about her personal life, and she has remained tight-lipped about her dating life. However, she is very close to her family, and they play a vital role in her life. 

Lexi Thompson Net Worth

Lexi Thompson is a notable personality in the golfing field, and her latest retirement plans have shocked people. She revealed that she had a complicated relationship with the game, but she loves her fans. Her immediate retirement announcement made people curious about her decision to retire from the game so early. 

About Lexi Thompson Net Worth

No definite figure has been mentioned about her total net worth, but it is speculated that it is near about $3-7 million. The professional golfer has witnessed many highs and lows in her career and faced negative remarks for her defeat.

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Lexi Thompson Net Worth Data Analysis 

Year  Lexi Thompson Net Worth in $US Million 
2024 $2-7 million 
2023 $2-7 million 

Career and Education 

Lexi Thompson Career and Education

Lexi Thompson qualified for the US Women’s Open at the age of 12 in 2007. After trying for two years, she qualified for the US Women’s Open in 2009, where she won and made the cut for the first time. As an amateur, she played exceptionally well, and in 2010, her professional career in golf began. 

Lexi graduated in 2012 and has two brothers who are also golfers. Her family trained her, and as her brothers were in the same profession, she was taught by them. On 28 May 2024, she announced her retirement from the LPGA, which came as a shock to other golfers and her fans. 

Lexi Thompson Wikipedia 

Full name  Alexis Noel Thompson 
Date of birth 10 February, 1995 
Place of birth  Florida 
Age  29 years 
Profession  Golfer 
Marital status  Unmarried 
Nationality  American 
Ethnicity  White 

Lexi Thompson Retirement Announcement 

Lexi Thompson Retirement Announcement 

Lexi Thompson, after her retirement announcement, faced many questions regarding her sudden decision to leave her career in golf. She opened up that she had been thinking about retirement for the past few years and also suffered from mental health issues that became one of the factors why she decided to leave golf. 

Lexi Thompson’s Net Worth grabbed attention after her announcement. Lexi said that people have struggles in their lives, and unfortunately, in this game, people lose more than they win. It is always a battle to prove yourself in front of the world and continue working hard. 

Interesting Facts about Lexi Thompson 

  • Lexi Thompson, at the age of 29, became a significant female golfer in the world. 
  • She has won 15 times, and on Tuesday, she announced her retirement after the LPGA golf season. 
  • Lexi has talked about her loneliness and criticized the media for putting her down every time she fails to win a game. 
  • Lexi Thompson Net Worth is mentioned in the above sections, but an exact value needs to be present online. 
  • Lexi Thompson has retired from golf due to the lack of appreciation and credit she received during her professional career. 


Lexi Thompson is known for her golf, and her take on mental health came only 3 days after Grayson Murray, a PGA golfer who died of suicide, came out. People curious to know about Lexi Thompson Net Worth can read the above sections or visit online websites to find more details about her total income and earnings. The reason for Thomson’s retirement is clearly mentioned by her, and she has thanked all her fans for their continuous support.

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