Wayne Gretzky Net Worth 2024- Wealth of the Ice Hockey Player! 

The post highlights Wayne Gretzky Net Worth, his biography, Wikipedia, career details, Endorsements, Investments, and total earnings in 2024. 


  • Wayne Gretzky is a Canadian eyes Hockey player who played 20 seasons in the NHL. 
  • He is also a head coach and retired at the early age of 38. He is referred to as one of the greatest ice hockey players of all time based on the surveys. 
  • Wayne was also a head coach of the game and trained many players under his supervision. 
  • We will disclose Wayne Gretzky Net Worth in the upcoming sections as it has grabbed people’s attention considering his achievements in the game. 

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth

Wayne Gretzky was born in Canada and played hockey at an early age. He played ice Hockey for almost 20 years and left a spot in the NHL. Even today, people talk about his exceptional skill in the game, which makes him stand out from the other players. He played for various teams, but he achieved success while playing with the Edmonton Oilers.

About Wayne Gretzky Net Worth

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth stands at $250 million, which comprises his salary during his playing days and endorsements and financial investments that he has made in the real estate company and other businesses. He owns a house in Idaho that is exceptionally luxurious and gives the serene beauty of the mountains. 

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Wayne Gretzky Net Worth Data Analysis 

Year  Wayne Gretzky Net Worth in $US Million 
2024 $250 Million 
2023 $250 Million

Career, Endorsements, and Investments 

Wayne Gretzky had an incredible career and was known as one of the greatest players among his peers. While playing with the Edmonton Oilers, Wayne won four Stanley Cups and set massive records. He has also supported various organizations that benefit children’s education programs and healthcare facilities. 

Wayne is a brand ambassador for BetMGM, a digital gaming company with whom he has signed a deal. He has supported the marketing, and his constant effort is to boost the company’s presence so that it is visible in the competitive market. 

Wayne Gretzky Wikipedia 

Full name  Wayne Douglas Gretzky
Date of birth January 26, 1961
Place of birth Canada 
Age  63 years 
Profession  NHL Player
Marital status  Married 
Spouse name  Janet Jones
Nationality  Canadian 
Children  5

Wayne Gretzky Wikipedia 

Wayne Gretzky and the Hockey Hall of Fame

Wayne Gretzky was introduced into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1999, and ironically, it was the same here when he retired. Rumors also surfaced online about removing him from the Hall of Fame, but after the investigation, it was found that it was just a rumor. 

As mentioned, Wayne Gretzky Net Worth comprises office salary from the NHL, his financial Investments, and his endorsements with several brands. The eyes Hockey player has gathered huge recognition from people, and he had an incredibly mind-blowing career. Those interested can find his stats on the official website of the NHL. 

Interesting Facts about Wayne Gretzky

  • Wayne Gretzky has been awarded as the best-performing player in the Hockey League playoffs. There is an award named in honor of Wayne.
  • The Wayne Gretzky Award is given to the players who win the tournament, which is held annually. 
  • Wayne Gretzky has a huge collection of luxurious cars. As a sports legend, he owns various notable cars that are worth a huge amount. 
  • Wayne Gretzky works for charity and supports causes that relate to children’s hospitals and disaster relief programs. 


Wayne Gretzky is not only a legendary Ice Hockey player but also has a heart of gold. After retiring from the NHL, the Canadian player has worked towards the betterment and upliftment of society and, especially, children and has worked constantly to provide for the underprivileged. There is no doubt why Wayne Gretzky Net Worth is being talked about, as he has several business ventures that support his family.

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