Wayne Gretzky Net Worth: The Magnificent Wealth of Former Ice-Hockey Player

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  • Wayne Gretzky, also known as Wayne Douglas Gretzky, is a former Canadian ice hockey player and he has also served as a head coach.
  • Wayne has played for 20 seasons in the NHL and he retired at the age of 38 years.
  • This man has been named as the finest ice hockey player of all time and that’s why he got the nickname “The Great One”.
  • In the history of the NHL, Wayne has been a great point scorer, assist producer, and a leading career goal scorer.
  • He was the top scorer in the World Junior Championships in 1978.
  • Wayne’s achievements in the field of ice hockey are unsurpassable and this is the prominent reason why Wayne Gretzky Net Worth in 2024 has reached an unimaginable valuation of 250 million dollars.
  • Recently, Wayne has immensely praised Brad Marchand, the captain of the Boston Bruins and it’s all over the news.

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth: Have a Look

Wayne Gretzky is a reputed former ice hockey player. Apart from being a sportsman, he has also been a great coach and is an accomplished entrepreneur. This sports star has surely utilized his abilities in the best possible way and as a resulting factor; Wayne Gretzky Net Worth has easily surpassed the huge sum of 250 million dollars in 2024. Very often, he has been described as the “Greatest Ice Hockey Player” by multiple sources.

About Wayne Gretzky Net Worth

When he was associated with the NHL, his salary for various seasons contributed around 45 to 50 million dollars. He also earned a lot through brand deals and endorsements during this period, and its rough valuation is between 50 to 80 million dollars. Thus, during the peak of his career, he had already made around 150 million dollars.

Time and again, this ice hockey sensation invested in various sports teams, and later on, he sold them at an amazing profit. He bought the team “Hull Olympiques” for 175,000 CAD in 1985 and sold it for 550,000 CAD in 1992. He also bought some stake in Phoenix Coyotes and joined the position of vice-chairman of “Oilers Entertainment Group” in 2016.

Wayne has been one of the highest-paid athletes as far as the segment of lucrative endorsement deals is concerned.  He has worked for giants like Sharp Corporation, Domino’s, Coca-Cola, etc. He has a winery and distillery plant, various restaurants, and other business ventures. He has also written numerous books and one of his works “99: Stories of the Game” was the best-seller Canadian book in the year 2016.

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Wayne Gretzky Net Worth Analysis

Year Wayne Gretzky Net Worth in $US Million
2024 $250 Million
2023 $230 Million
2019 $200 Million

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth Analysis

Early Life and Personal Life

Wayne Gretzky was born on the 26th of January 1961 and his place of birth is Brantford, Ontario, Canada. The current age of Wayne is 63 years and the names of his parents are Phyllis Hockin and Walter Gretzky.

Wayne began skating at the age of 3 and he started playing really good hockey at the age of 10. The names of his siblings are Glen Gretzky, Keith Gretzky, Kim Gretzky, and Brent Gretzky.  

He married Janet Jones in the year 1988. This player has 5 kids and their names are Trevor Gretzky, Tristan Gretzky, Ty Gretzky, Emma Gretzky, and Paulina Gretzky.

Have a Look at the Wikipedia Data of Wayne Gretzky

Full Name Wayne Douglas Gretzky
Date of Birth 26th of January 1961
Place of Birth Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Age 63 years
Nationality Canadian
Profession Former Ice Hockey Player, Coach, Author, and Businessman
Marital Status Married in 1988
Spouse Janet Jones
Children 5 children – Trevor Gretzky, Tristan Gretzky, Ty Gretzky, Emma Gretzky, and Paulina Gretzky.

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Career, Success, and Interesting Facts

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth Career

Wayne Gretzky used to be a professional ice hockey player and his playing career lasted from 1978 to 1999. Then he made a switch and started working as a coach. His coaching career journey began in 2005 and lasted till 2009.

In his ice hockey career, Wayne mainly played for teams like the New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues, Los Angeles Kings, Edmonton Oilers, and Indianapolis Racers. He has been a coach for the Phoenix Coyotes.

Wayne Gretzky has a pretty good height of 6 feet and he weighs around 185 lbs.

He has more career assists as compared to any other player and he is the only player in the history of the NHL to score more than 200 points in a single season. He has achieved this benchmark 4 times.

Wayne has also been the Executive Director of the Canadian National Men’s Hockey Team – 2002 Winter Olympics. He bought a 10% stake in Phoenix Coyotes. In 2016, Wayne became a partner and the Vice-Chairman of Oilers Entertainment Group.

For all his games, Wayne used to wear a 99-number jersey and if anyone looks at his business ventures, then they also have this number.


Wayne Gretzky has an unmatchable reputation in the game of ice hockey. If we talk about his achievements, then no other player can come near this man. He is not just a great player but also an excellent businessman, and because of that, Wayne Gretzky Net Worth in 2024 has hit a gigantic estimation of 250 million dollars. This 63-year-old former ice hockey star doesn’t seem to be stopping any soon. He has a lot of business ventures running in his name and thus, his wealth is going to flourish at a tremendous pace.

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