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Big Sean Net Worth

Meanwhile 2008, Sean was spotted and signed by Kanye West to his Real Music label, which is a mark regarding Def Jam Recordings. Big Sean’s debut studio collection “Finally Famous” was delivered in June 2011. His second studio album “Hall of Fame” occurred released meanwhile August 2013. The third album “Dark Sky Paradise” was soon released during February 2015. Currently, His fourth studio album “I Decided” was published in Valentines month of  2017.  Now as he dated “Glee” sensual actor and singer Naya Rivera, after spending a short time together they decided to be in a relation officially, and they got engaged in October 2013, but fate doesn’t agree on that, and they both broke in April 2014. Later he dated Ariana Grande which go for eight months. Sean is recognized for his dashing super hot style and has a signature deal with shoe company Adidas. Big Sean own many different clothes as he follows fashion calendar. Big Sean is very much conscious about his society, in many records Seans eventually shoot a social message for more betterment. He is a well-known singer and has a remarkable mark on every one.

Earnings & Financial Data

Asset 2013

The investment value of Big Sean’s bachelor rooms in Hollywood Hills.

Sponsorship 2012

Profits were of Bathing Ape and Billionaire Boys Club endorsement.


The next table shows how Big Sean’s net worth has expanded since the publicity of his debut album in 2011.

Big Sean’s Net Worth $12.0 million
Kanye West $147.0 million (12.25 times smaller)
Jay-Z $610.0 million (50 more smaller)
Travis Scott $2.5 million (4.8 times bigger)
Tyga $2.0 million (6 more primary)
Azealia Banks $3.0 million (4 times larger)
Fetty Wap $2.0 million (6 times bigger)
A$AP Rocky $3.0 million (4 times greater)
G-Eazy $1.0 million (12 times more major)
Year Big Sean’s Net Worth( approx.) Annual Income (approx.)
2012 $1,925,000 $760,000
2013 $4,000,000 $940,00
2014 $6,000,000 $1.2 million
2015 $10,000,000 $1.4 million
2016 $12,000,000 $1.6 million

How Much Does Big Sean Get a Year?

Big Sean’s stated annual income is near $1.5 million. Of 2012, when he debuted, through 2016, his net worth has multiplied 12 times. He finished off recording mixtapes and has scored more than a million dollars of album sales alone. Industry experts predict that his net worth will progress to $15.0 million amidst the propaganda of his latest album, “I Decided,” one of the most expected albums of 2017.

HowMakes Big Sean Earn His Wealth?

While album sales are his first root of income, Big Sean earns a substantial revenue from lucrative approval deals and his clothing businesses. The following is his profits distribution from different revenue streams.

Income Source Earnings
Album sales (total) $1.7 million
Endorsements $300,000
Clothing and shoe line
Property/Cars Worth
Hollywood Hills home $1.67 million ($2.3 million in 2016)
Audi $45,000

Where Did Big Sean Mature?

Big Sean took birth Sean Michael Anderson located in Santa Monica, California. When he was just three months younger, he was relocated to Detroit and was asked there by his mother and grandmother. His mother held a school teacher, and his grandmother was a proud lady the Women’s Army Corps captain during World War II and one of the first finest female African American police officers in Detroit. His grandmother was the motivation behind Big Sean’s new smash single, “One Man Can Change the World.” Perversely, she passed away before she could hear the song dedicated to her.

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He attended the Detroit Waldorf School and graduated from Cass Technical High School with a 3.7 GPA. West, though uncertain, gave him 16 bars to rap, and didn’t regret it. After the performance, Big Sean left his demo-tape with West and two years later, he signed to GOOD Music.

His Residency

Big Sean has come to a large walk and earned a substantial wealth during his entire career. It’s only native that he fills his income on some showy misogynist rooms. In 2013, he withdrew $1.67 million on a 4500 sqft bachelor home in Hollywood Hills. The house owns five bedrooms, four and a half baths, a large kitchen, media room and extra outdoor spaces. Big Sean also holds an Audi worth $45,000. He supports RED, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Autism Speaks, Clara Lionel Foundation, Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance, and much more charities. He founded the Sean Anderson Foundation that blessed to funding young people in to get the education, protection, healthy food, and well-being that they need. The foundation mostly works with school-aged youth in Detroit as well as disadvantaged youth everywhere.

What About his school time?

He is a multi separable in what fate could not press ample skills. He is a rapper, possess excellent voice singer,  compose songs, record and produce touching songs and artist who has won the world by anger with songs such as “I Don’t Fuck With You” Furthermore ”24K of Gold”. As his first studio album, Big Sean has been on the rise in the music industry with no signs of stagnation 25th March 1988 in Santa Monica, California, and Sean Michael Leonard Anderson was born on Myra and James Anderson. Being an infant, he moved to Detroit, where he raised by his schoolteacher mother and grandmother. Big Sean revisited the Detroit Waldorf School and possibly finished of Class Technical High School. He has had a lot of interesting relationships throughout the eras from high school lover. Then he would go on to release several successful studio albums which gave him an immense fan following and success. The rapper had also nominated for Grammy, one of the most high-esteem awards.Big Sean Net Worth in the year 2017 is approximate $14 Million US Dollars

Big Sean has made a glass type quite a name for him during the music industry and has managed to achieve a unique wealth creation and sustenance. Big Sean has an expected net worth of about $14 million US dollars as of 2017, a number which is growing and confers no symptoms of rousing beautiful.

He earns a hefty chunk of his depository reserves from brand advertisements. Newly he went Adidas (a brand he had recommended for years with special shoe line ups) for supporting Puma. He has also signed BAPE, for whose Winter 2016 collection he has even fashioned. His other endorsements include Aura Gold and Stance.

Would you like to know some interesting fact related his personal life?

What about his marital affair?

It would be a huge secret, whether Big Sena is not married secretly?

Is he is not hiding her beautiful wife? Let’s reveal the truth, so the answer is NO! yes! A big NO girls, but yeah he is on date target of a lot of scrutinies, and he has held an engagement with actress Naya Rivera. Sean also shortly, briefly dated Ariana Grande. However, he has claim he doesn’t like to be matched with any one right now.

What about Big Sean and Jheno Aiko?

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko devised at initializing of this year. Current Year, many people suspected that they were romantically together. Even now, it’s a point of engrossment among celebrity gossip magazine.

Jhene publicly announced that she was married to a New York producer in the past, March 2016, and just a few months after it again announced about their marriage has divorced. This divorce announcement came soon after a couple of months when Sean and Jhene were publicly kissing. Nothing is to be like official, but everyone can accept that as long as 28 keeps excellent music, they can be whatever they want to be.

Big Sean Salary & Annual Earnings in 2017

Although musicians don’t air their whole income year to year, still it’s possible to make some estimation current album releases, tour dates, and so on. 2017 saw the release of Dark Sky Paradise for Sean, which is arguably the biggest album that he has ever released. It can estimate that he made around $1.5 million off of the liberation.

Not in Rap but still he is successful

Well, it going to be astonished for his fans that Sean has not seen in the world of the main rap releases for a long time, but he has already cleared a powered feeling not only in his fans heart but has over the industry celebrity. Even he achieved many awards including Best New Artist in 2012 BET Awards. Successfully Big Sean got any awards such as Best Video with a Social message around 2016 from MTV Video Musics, and Best Mixtapes in 2013 from the BET Hip Hop Awards.Big Sean is very socialized in the sense that he cares about his city and people.

Quick personal facts about Big Sean 

Origin Santa Monica, California, United States
Birth date 25-3-1988
Estimated net worth 2 million
Salary 0.29 million
Favorite brand Adidas
Nickname Sean
Love life Girlfriend: Ariana Grande
Love history Ashley Marie &Naya Rivera
Famous colleagues Ariana Grande &Sandara Park
Management N/A



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