Chief Keef net worth


The name belongs to a boy who is famous in the world of entertainment as a RAPPER, his actual name iss KEITH CORTEZ KEEF was born was born in 1995 August 15 in Chicago, Illinois when his mother was just 16.Chief was a boy with little concentration on studies; he was a high school dropout. KEEF suffers from Asperger ‘s syndrome which makes him difficult to socialize with people. His growing fame and popularity led to a growing bidding war between labels, as it is easy to recognize a future star. He proved to be multi talented and handled various deals at a time, his first deal with the INTERSCORE RECORDS was later accompanied by an agreement with the 1017 BRICK SQUAD, he also became the CEO of his record label, GLORY BOYZ ENTERTAINMENT, which later became GLO GANG. Chief Keef Net Worth is estimated and calculated to be between $1.5 million to $2 million. KEEF S source of income is through endorsements, ads, records and sponsorships; however, the major part of his income is raised through the music industry. His early fan base was high school students who outrageously admired him. He started to before even he was an adult and is now an inspiration for the grownups.

Chief Keef net worth

Do you know The Story of Success?

The story begins with an accident. In December 2011 when chief fired gunshots from a Pontiac Grand prix in Chicago, Police showed

  • up and KEEF was sentenced 30 days house arrest followed by 30


  • days of home confinement at his grandmother s house.


  • During the long announced punishment KEEF made a you tube mix of BANG and HOUSE OF DEAD attained attention of the people and


  • That s from where he stepped his first step of success. His fame continued to increase with his super hit songs and albums. When his house arrest ended he made a video with a child hysterically celebrating KEEF s independence.Among the many songs he sang many became as a point of criticism, one of his super hits “I don’t LIKE” was described by a party promoter as a ” perfect Chicago song because NIGGAS hate everything out here.”


  • He first came into contract with Interscope Records in 2011; the deal was worth $6000, 000. However he was paid an advance of $440,000.


  • The deal stipulated a right that stated that the company had the right to pull out of the contract if Keef s album failed to


  • Sell 250,000 of the copies. Till 2013 only 150,000 copies sold out but INTERSCOPE retained their contract. In 2014 KEEF was dropped out


  • By INTERSCOPE RECORDS but through social networks he acknowledged that all his planned projects (including the long awaited BANG3) would still be released, YOUNG CHOP criticized INTERSCOPE for terminating KEEF. .During the time Keef also made his debut album with the name FINALLY RICH in December 2012.

Completion Of Work By Keef:

With his famous work with the INTERSCOPE in 2011 and his debut album FINALLY RICH, in March 2012 he gained utmost popularity with the

song “I DONT LIKE”. On 15 August 2013 his 18th birthday KEEF celebrated by releasing the mix tape BANG pt2 and received mixed to critical responses. In January, Keef announced working on a new mixtape entitled Bang 3.[32] In February, Keef revealed the cover art to his upcoming

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Back from the Dead 2, which served as the sequel to his critically acclaimed mixtape, Back from the dead. As time passed KEEF continued his journey and in February 2015 he released another mixtape called “SORRY FOR THE WEIGHT”. In may 2015 he signed with film on music after announcing a new album named “THE LOGRTAZ” in 2015.In 2016 Keef announced retirement via twitter. Rumors say that he is set to release his next album. Named “TWO ZERO ONE SEVEN” in 2018.The star has worked in 2 studios albums 1 EP,69 SINGLES AND 29 GUEST APPEARANCES. His list hit songs are :1-LOVE SOSA
















He also performed on certain associated acts that may include








On March 26, 2013, it was announced that KEEF would be a part of XXL S MAGZINES,2013 freshman class.

The amount he earned through various hits are stated as follows

Income from Albums:

1-Sorry for the weight $87,413

2-feed the streets       $71,023

3-Crashing computers $54,113

4-Mansion musick       $40,584

5-BANG2                       $34,645

6-UFOoverload 2         $31566

TOTAL EARNING         $319,343

Chief Keef Net Worth Table:

2011    $ 556,410

2012    $ 800,000

2013    $ 1000, 000

2014    $ 3000, 000

2015    $ 4000, 000

2016    $ 6000, 000

Chief Keef Net worth Discussion:

It can be seen that KEEFs income continued to increase day by day, the current income for 2018 is estimated to be $500 thousand, exact sum is $615000, morever the earnings by sponsor is $13072.

Do You Know These Hidden Effects About Chief Keef ?

The star is said to be estranged from his biological father, when he was a minor his guardian was his grandmother whom he lived with while he was in Chicago. He began rapping at a very young age, using his mother’s karaoke machine and blank tapes to record music.

Coming to his life after success, the star enjoyed a luxurious life just like other stars; he has a Lamborghini to himself which he rides wherever he goes. However it is believed that he has no luxurious house listed to his name, rumors say that the house he lives in is said to be in ownership of his parents. The star has four children








His first child was a daughter born KAYDEN KASH COZART. The child s mother requested for child support to KEEF; he was ordered to pay child support on 23 NOVEMBER 2013 when DNA reports proved that he fathered a 10-month-old daughter. The first Cozart baby boy was delivered on September 24, named KRUE KARTER COZART.2015 turned out to be another legal issue year when KEEF was sued by a woman claiming that he was the father of her child, due to ignorance and absentees from the court he was ordered an arrest warrant from the court. Tragedies continued to occur in KEEF S life; his stepbrother was shot dead in Chicago neighborhood on 2 January 2013,the following year his cousin was murdered on 9 April 2014, his death was a great shock to KEEF, in an interview with BILLBOARD he said that he is quite disturbed by his cousins death quote “When that happened that was the biggest lost, it told me “you gotta grow up”.

After being evicted from Chicago he moved to Los Angeles. In LA KEEF indulged himself in his new found hobby of art collecting, once he discovered the painting of art teacher Bill da butch. Once acquainted Bill started working on paintings just for Keef. According to Keef his moving to LA proved to be quite beneficial, in an interview with BILLBOARD he said, quote:

“I got away from all the unnecessary trouble. Its better out here [in L.A.] than in Chicago, because I got in so much trouble. I love living out here. I think it improved me alot. It changed me, and [inspired] me to go somewhere bigger.”

Unlawful activates which became a reason of Arresting:

From the year 2011-2014 Keef got involved 10 legal issues ie from heroine to home eviction.

On 27 January 2011 Keef got arrested in the case of manufacturing and smuggling of heroine. Termed as a juvenile offender, he was stamped “delinquent”, rather than guilty of his charges. On the eve of December 2011, Keef left his grandmother s house with his hand covered under a coat in front of his waistband. Policemen stopped to question the RAPPER, the star dropped the coat and pointed the gun towards the policemen and ran away. The policemen chassed the 16 year old star, who turned around quite a time a pointed the gun towards them. The officers discharged their weapons but missed. They caught him a half block later and discovered the weapon, the pistol was loaded .Three charges was imposed on the star including aggravated assault with a firearm on a police officer and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. He was kept in a juvenile detention center where he was announced a home confinement at his grandmother s house. 0n 5 September 2012, police announced that Keef was being investigated in shooting of a follow Rapper who was a Englewood resident, Joseph Colman, who performed under the heading of” Lil jo jo. This happened when Keef mocked his death, which he later explained was a result oh his account being hacked. Coleman s mother openly claimed that Keef has paid for his son to be killed.


On January 17 2013, Washington D C promotion company sued Keef for $75000 for a missed show. According to the company Keef was supposed to perform in London on 29 December 2012 but he never showed, nor the star or his label came up with the excuse as to why he missed the show. Keef ignored the law and the court sided with the opponent company and charged the star to pay an amount of $230,109.


On may 2013 he was arrested in an upscale hotel for openly smoking marijuana in public, he was released that day. Eight days later he was again arrested for driving at 110mph in an area of 55mph in his hometown Chicago with an unlawful amount of passengers, he was later released by bond.


In June 2014, Keef was evicted from his Highland park home. Bal Bansal the house owner told that Keef was a good tenant, but the removal was voulantry, police confirmed it was an eviction.

Personal Information of Chief Keef:

NAME: Keith Cotarz

AGE: 21

ETHNICITY: Black American


WEIGHT: 176lbs/80kg


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