David Sanborn Net Worth 2024: Check Shocking News About His Cause of Death

Catch up on the full information on how David died, and his personal and professional background. Find out more about David Sanborn Net Worth 2024.


  • David left the world on 12 May 2024 and the cause of his death was prostate cancer.
  • He was best identified by the tag: “the most influential saxophonist of the past 20 years”
  • Along with his primary choice of alto saxophonist, he also played keyboards/piano, flute, soprano, and tenor.

David Sanborn Net Worth

David Sanborn was an alto saxophonist, who belonged to the United States of America. He died recently on 12 May 2024. At the time of his death, David Sanborn Net Worth in 2024 was $3 Million. He was known for his solo recordings since his school days. The Great Rock Star’s first album “Taking Off” was released in 1975. He had worked in different genres like solo recordings, discography, broadcasting, playing various instruments, etc.

About David Sanborn Net Worth

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David Sanborn Net Worth Analysis:

Most of David’s Sanborn earnings came from the recordings domain. The year-wise analysis is not available online: –





Net Worth




$3 Million

David: Early Life and Immediate Family

David, a great solo recorder took birth in Tampa on 30 July 1945. At an early age, he was impacted by Polio and thereafter, he started playing saxophone to improve his chest muscles and breathing. He took inspiration from Hank Crawford for his career as an Alto saxophonist. David had taken music learning from Northwestern University and later, from the University of Iowa, he studied music with saxophonist J.R. Monterose. David’s life partner is Alice Soyer and they have one son Jonathan Sanborn.




David William Sanborn


Popularly Search as:



Richest Rock Star


David Sanborn Net Worth


$3 Million




July 30, 1945





Tempa, Florida









United States of America





Solo Recordings, Alto saxophonist, Musician





Alice Soyer




One (Jonathan Sanborn)

David: Professional Background

David Professional Background

At the Age of 14 years, Sanborn worked with musicians Little Milton and Albert King, and in 1967, he started working for the Paul Butterfield blues band. In 1972, David worked with Stevie Wonder on his album Talking Book, and in 1975, he worked along with David Bowie and James Taylor’s album Gorilla. These works with famous artists brought his alto saxophone voice into the music world. And this way, all his income from alto saxophone contributes most to David Sanborn Net Worth.

In 1985, Sanborn worked with Al Jarreau for two concerts at Chastain Park. In 1980-1990, he hosted various night programs. In 2010 and 2011, he toured with famous artists like Steve Gadd and George Duke.

Achievements: –





Grammy Awards For Album:








Double Vision




Instrumental album Close Up

Crucial Facts on David Sanborn Net Worth: –

  • David always marked Hank Crawford as his only influence for his career as an Alto saxophonist.
  • He also worked as a host for television, web, and radio programs. In 1980, he joined the Saturday Night Live Band.
  • In 2013, David made the “The Dream Tour” to celebrate the song’s (“The Dream”) 25th anniversary.
  • In his career, he had a numerous collaboration with more than 20 artists.
  • Sanborn had achievements: six Grammy Awards Winning, 1 platinum album, and 8 Gold albums.

David: Income Summary

David William Sanborn, a recognized alto saxophonist died on 12 May 2024 due to prostate cancer. He was first diagnosed with this disease in 2018. His precious works in different domains are loved by the people. David Sanborn Net Worth in 2024 at the time of his demise was $3 Million. For more detailed information on his background, you can keep an eye here.


  1. For which track did David work for Stevie Wonder’s album Talking Book?

“Tuesday Heartbreak”

  1. Is David Sanborn married?

Yes, he was married to Alice Soyer.

  1. How many albums does David Sanborn have?

24 Albums.

  1. What is David Sanborn famous for?

David was best known as jazz musician.

  1. What is David Sanborn Net Worth 2024?

$3 Million

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