Melinda Gates Net Worth 2024-  Income, and Resignation from Gates Foundation!

The article highlights Melinda Gates Net Worth, her total income, Wikipedia, her Business, and the reason behind her Resignation.


  • Melinda Gates, who was associated with the Gates Foundation, announced her stepping down from her post on Monday.
  • She is also a philanthropist and a manager at Microsoft. She and Bill Gates together founded the Gates Foundation in 2000.
  • Melinda and Bill Gates founded the charity together, and it is one of the most reputable organizations. It is one of the reasons why people wish to know about Melinda Gates’s Net Worth.
  • Melinda Gates has been awarded the Medal of Freedom. Melinda and Bill Gates got divorced in 2021.

Melinda Gates Net Worth

Melinda Gates started her career by tutoring kids in mathematics and computer programming, and after that, she held up her position at Microsoft. She was a marketing manager in the company and looked after the development of the products. She was also a member of the travel booking websites, which were well-known among people.

About Melinda Gates Net Worth

Along with looking after Microsoft, she had other passions. One is writing that she debuted in 2019. Melinda Gates’ Net Worth is calculated at 1,120 Crores USD in 2024. She also received a lump sum amount of $76 billion in her divorce settlement. However, the amount keeps on changing as these are only speculations.

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Melinda Gates Net Worth Analysis

Year Melinda Gates Net Worth in $US Billion
2024 $11.3 Billion
2023 $11.3 Billion

Business and Career

Business and Career Melinda Gates

Malinda Gates began her career as a tutor for kids who taught mathematics and computer programming. She started working for Microsoft as a marketing manager. She looked after the development of multimedia marketing. She was also given the position of general head, which she continued till 1996, and left Microsoft to look after her family.

Melinda Gates was also a board of trustees at Duke University till 2003. After that, she took care of philanthropic projects and donated vast amounts of money from her wealth to her charity. Recently, she announced her resignation from the charitable organization, effective on 7th June 2024.

Melinda Gates Wikipedia

Full Name Melinda French Gates
Date of birth August 15, 1964
Place of birth Dallas, Texas
Age 59 years
Profession Philanthropist
Marital status Married (now divorced)
Spouse name Bill Gates
Nationality American
Children 3

 Technology, Writing, and Resignation

Malinda Gates always inspired women to stand up for themselves and take up the computer field as their career. In the male-dominated environment, it was important for Melinda that women take up this career and work towards achieving excellence. Melinda Gates Net Worth always remains a topic of discussion since she has taken up many projects.

She mentions that the demand for workforces is increasing in the technology field, and yet many fewer women are taking up computing as their career. She also warned that the approach is not suitable for people, that everyone must work together, and that there must be women’s empowerment in every field and organization.

Interesting Facts about Melinda Gates

  • Melinda Gates has expressed her passion for writing, and in 2019, her book The Moment of Lift was released.
  • The book is on women’s empowerment and how society as a whole fails to acknowledge women and their unpaid work.
  • Melinda Gates and Bill Gates received many awards and recognitions for their work in various areas relating to health and education.
  • Melinda Gates has also worked for underprivileged children and has taken measures to look after their education and provide optimum health services.


Melinda Gates announced her resignation on 13 May 2024, and the news came as a shock to various people as she had been a part of the organization since its foundation. After her announcement, people were more curious to know about Melinda Gates Net Worth, and we have provided the details of her net worth in the above section. Bill Gates has released no statement after she announced her resignation, and we are waiting for further information on what he has to say about his ex-wife’s decision to leave the organization.

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