Erica Stoll Net Worth 2024: Read Now Golfer’s Wealth

Here this post, on Erica Stoll Net Worth in 2024, will let you know the net capital, personal details and more.


  • Erica Stoll was also a golfer, but not as a professional player at the highest level. 
  • She is trending on the internet because his husband, Rory Mcllroy, has filed for divorce.
  • Rory is a famous professional golf player and a celebrity.
  • Whereas Erica is in the public eye, but she is a professional golf player herself.  
  • Now, people want to know about Erica Stoll.
  • The net worth of Erica Stoll is around $15 million.

Erica Stoll Net Worth in 2024

Erica Stoll is the wife of Rory Mcllroy, an Irish golfer. Recently, Rory filed for divorce, and Erica is also trending on the internet. People want to know what she does and how much she earns.

Erica Stoll Net Worth in 2024

However, these details are not available on the internet because she is not a celebrity. She is the wife of the most famous Golf player. Yet when we tried to find out her net worth, it was mentioned as $15 million (US dollars). Any further disclosure of her wealth is not provided.

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Growth Analysis of Erica’s Net Worth

Year Erica Stoll

Net Worth (estimated)




$15 million


2023 & before



$1 million

Erica has seen a substantial growth in her net worth since past few years. She is a working professional and an avid investor as well (as per the reports). She is working with sports event management company.

Wikipedia Information on Erica Stoll


Full Name


Erica Stoll


Popularly Known as:



Erica Stoll


Date of Birth


10th September, 1988


Place of Birth


Rochester, New York, United States




32 years old









No details are available






She has a sister named, Natalie Stoll






She attended; Rochester Institute of Technology (Business Management and Administration) and Clarkson University (Golf Business Administration)







Ex-Golf Player, Works at PGA of America as an office manager and a Socialite



Marital Status



Married (in 2017)






Her Husband is Rory Mcllroy




She has a daughter born in September 2020


Erica Stoll Net Worth



It is around $15 million

Unfortunately, there is no official Wikipedia page for Erica Stoll on the Internet. Thus, we cannot provide a link to it.

Career Details & Personal Details of Erica Stoll 

Erica attended New York State University to complete her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. Later, she attended Clarkson University to specialise in Golf Management.

After graduating from college, she immediately started working for the PGA of America. She is currently the manager of championship operations. While working in logistics and event planning, she got to know her golf partner, Rory McIlroy.

She was born in a suburban area of Rochester. Because details related to her childhood and parents are not available on the Internet, we can only provide some of the details.

Interesting Facts 

  • Erica first met Rory in 2012 while working with him.
  • They were good friends before being engaged in 2015.
  • In 2017, the couple got married. However, after seven years, Rory filed for divorce.
  • Erica says she had no idea about this, and it came as a shock to her.
  • Whereas Rory says that their marriage is broken and it cannot be reversed.
  • Erica is renowned for her philanthropic endeavours as well. 
  • The foundation’s primary goal is to assist foreign groups that assist children.


The news of Rory and Erica’s divorce has spread on social media. Now, everyone wants to know details about her. However, only a few personal details about her are available on the Internet.

Erica’s estimated net worth is around $15 million. If you wish to read further updates, click here.


Q1. What is Erica Stoll’s age?

A1. Erica Stoll is 32 years old.

Q2. Who are Erica’s parents?

A2. No details are available about her parents.

Q3. Is there any Wikipedia page of Erica?

A3. No, there is no Wikipedia page of Erica Stoll.

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