Roman Atwood Net Worth

In many magazines and Gazette, however, they ranked Roman Atwood least number among all top richest American Youtuber.

The site has informed us with his net worth with a value of $4.5 million dollars in 2016 month of summer May. Recently in April 2016 news came out about his subscriber that would be estimated around 8 million and by the end of 2016, it crosses 10 million viewers, which likely hoping to increase his net worth.

News has also calculated Atwood’s net worth around median value compared to other YouTubers. in comparison, comes out in net worth nearly to count $8 million. The mass determined before expenses, and additional charges were subtracted and based on accurate data from Nielsen, IMDB, more over interviews along with agents, managers, lawyers, many industry insiders and the favourite stars themselves.

Forbes has re-confirmed the sum of Atwood’s $8 million came because as you have a look at his income has gone up to 70 percent in merely one year due to his increment digits of subscribers and video views all over the world. His mother source through which an increase knock his destiny is a tour with fellow YouTubers Yousef Eraket, the peculiarity film with a high title “Natural Born Pranksters” an advance borrowing for an upcoming book, through his online book store, and advertisements deals.

Roman Atwood Net Worth


Roman Atwood has grouped the identity of YouTube’s most innovative and creative pranksters who secured most of his net worth online. He is best known for his underground camera for fun, and public prank videos which are extremely and some are very daring and vulnerable. Roman Atwood has deposited in his bank account nearly an estimated net worth of around $18 million over some years through profoundly diversified beginnings of income illustrated subsequently. Most of his net worth has made over indoor activities but was shot outside and may you count to be outside his YouTube business.

Roman exciting channel on YouTube used for pranking has been shown since November 2009 and has risen massively to over 10 million subscribers as of the end of 2016. His popularity has also started another YouTube channel for an interview like or to barely give a document concerning his personal life and earn more income in the manner.


Recently he produces an average of 300,000 views on an everyday basis from his videos on the most frankly pranking channel. Atwood is getting most known to the world is mainly from people who topple upon his videos when YouTube proposes them and not positively from subscribers.

He put a type of one video a month, but most of these videos some of these have over 8 million triples with his numerous viral one possessing estimated 80 million raps and a stack of the over 20 million scores. However, he is gradually trying not to recreate himself to acknowledged as a blogger.

What about the details of his car?

The YouTuber cash by getting a percentage of the sample revenues on those ads you hate to watch a YouTube video. But that doesn’t mean that all views on a video earn money. Only encompassing 40% – 60% of the looks monetized. Condition like this is due to some people block ads and majority caper the ad before it arrives the vestibule for securing money.

Mostly Youtube’s rule to pays an average of $2 to $5 per 1000 monetized views. On mediocre he obtains around $550 through day

and $200,000 per a year in taxation on his pranking flood that is flowing through the flow of his channel.

Net Worth

What you keen to know about Roman Atwood Personal Life Facts?

Is Roman Atwood still a bachelor?

Publicly announced about love goes around Roman and Brittany, but still, both are not in a mood to tie a knot between them, but seven years have passed to their love line. Both have never been seen to talk about future.

Does Roman Atwood have any child?

The Atwood family show as emphasised on Roman Atwood Vlogs is due to have added star in the coming future too, Brittany and Roman declared in late 2016 that they would have opposed child, a daughter succeeding in 2018. Feasibly Roman will not be portraying to depart this child up too, but with Roman, you can never more quite tell when a prank is around the angle.

Where Do Roman Atwood Stay?

The Atwood Family Home near Millersport, Ohio Roman, Brittany Moreover their kids live in a three bedroom, two storey home under Roman’s home Thorp of Millersport, Ohio. The three bedroom home inserted in 5 acres regarding land, and as all of his viewers will know, it’s a splendidly fitted home whole for a young species. Everything inside the Atwood family seat seems perfect, but with Roman, you can never more be sure when it’s operating to be converted into a giant ball-pit or charged with fraudulent snow, because Roman may be a more adult family man these days, but he’s, however, a prankster at a pitch.

Roman Atwood’s Future Projects & Attainments

Roman has endorsed a deal for a future book, reportedly taking a significant advance for a biography, and he has also presented a board game ‘War & Pieces’ that was composed by the complete Atwood Family. Roman’s destiny on Youtube is reasonable to direct more on his Vlogs willingly than the edgier pranking style that solicited him to internet popularity, but it’s his pleasant personality and nice-guy image that makes him one of the most famous Youtube stars presently in 2018. Last year he was nominated for the Streamy Awards for ‘Entertainer of the Year’, furthermore although he didn’t acquire such award, he was elected the best Youtube comedian at the Shorty Awards, as fine as the brains following the Best Brand Campaign near the Shorty Awards in 2015.

Roman Atwood’s Pioneer Occupation

The Nerd Herd Lived Roman’s Jackass Style Video Series. In the initial years of the brand-new millenary, the Jackass privilege was hugely attractive and utterly suited to Roman’s ‘stupid’ style of the video generation. There stood millions of copy-cats to the licensed stunt-men of MTV position, and Roman was no waiver. He worked amidst his brother Dale Moreover some associates to imagine a series of DVD’s featuring any Jackass-style shenanigans termed the ‘Nerd Herd. It was reasonably light-weight stuff.

Roman perceived what he held was his first big lot in the film-industry in 2007 when he was summoned to Los Angeles to accommodate work on a video, but Roman was frustrated to realise it was a very low-budget composition and what he is succeeding defined as ‘Not a movie at all’. His individual life caught a turn for the critical the later year when he realised that his wife had tricked him during his moment in LA. Roman ravaged and the twosome divorced, he then called it at the most unfortunate time in his life, but he determined to fully sink himself in the film advancing to get within the stormy circumstances.

Roman Atwood Vlogs

In 2014 he joined with fellow Youtube Prankster VitalyzdTV toward a joke where they appeared to rob an ATM. The ATM was a plastic fake, and so was the money inside, but the prank was realistic enough for the pair to get arrested for disorderly conduct and inducing panic after several 911 calls from shocked witnesses. The incident went to court, and the courtroom pushed with hundreds of fans of both Roman and VitalyzdTV, but eventually, the case against the Youtube stars dismissed, as it ruled they were expressing their art and thereby protected under freedom of speech.

Meanwhile 2013 Roman, promptly followed by millions of millions on both his Youtube channels and more on his sites store that launched an online store ‘Smile More’.  Exchanging a class of T-shirts, bracelets, sunglasses and even pens, furthermore, his millions of fans, frequently known by the admittedly thermal signature of the ‘Roman Army’ gathered there to market Roman’s incomes despite extra. Now has almost 10.5 million subscribers and has hoarded nearly 1.5 billion views, but notwithstanding, his vlogging channel shades these remarkable figures.

 Pioneer Occupation

Promptly in 2018 Roman Atwood Vlogs has above 13.5 million subscribers, and has realised over 3.5 billion views. The vlog channel emphasises Roman, Brittany and their sons and has a far more sophisticated and friendly touch to it, Roman’s hugest prank in recent months ought been trailing Noah neighbouring with a tiny frog on his hand. Roman possesses huge followers on other social media principles too; he heeded by over 5 million on Instagram, almost 2 million on Twitter and extra 1.5 million on Facebook, all of which helps to boost his deep Youtube income with yet more sales at the ‘Smile More’ storehouse.

Detailed Statics









11,418,450 18.1% 


29,837 6.8% 




$2.9K – $45.7K


$34.3K – $548.1K


YouTube Stats Summary:

Date Subscribers Video Views Estimated Earning
7-08-2017 10,409,293 1,456,678,90 $88-$1.4k
8-08-2017 10,490,293 1,456,678,31 $88-$1.4k
9-08-2017 10,409,456 1,456,678,98 $88-$1.4k
10-08-2017 10,490,293 1,456,678,87 $88-$1.4k
Daily Average +995 +396,543 $95-$1.5k
Last 30 Days +45645 +223,959,93 $2.9k-$95k



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