Sabine Schmitz Net Worth 2024: Take a Look at the Racer’s Wealth

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  • Sabine Schmitz was a reputed professional motor racing driver of German origin. She was a famous TV personality as well.
  • She opted for a career in racing and in the initial phases, she worked as a driver for Porsche and BMW.
  • This lady became an expert on the Nurburgring circuit and she is the first woman to win the prestigious 24h race.
  • Sabine appeared on the BBC’s “Top Gear” and became a favorite of the masses in no time.
  • At the age of 51, she died because of cancer.
  • Recently, a video went viral where Sabine was explaining to a GT3 driver how to master driving at Nurburgring.
  • Sabine Schmitz Net Worth at the time of her demise was reported to be greater than 2 million dollars.

Sabine Schmitz Net Worth: Learn More

Sabine Schmitz was an excellent motor racing driver who died at the age of 51. She graduated with a degree in hotel and catering business and owned a restaurant bar by the name “Fuchsrohre”. Sabine was a trained helicopter pilot as well. At the time of her death, Sabine Schmitz Net Worth was valued at more than 2 million dollars.

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Sabine’s Sources of Earning

Sabine’s Sources of Earning

Sabine was also a restaurant owner and an acclaimed TV personality. She had several good brand deals and helped the companies to market their goods and services. Her social media following was impressive and she regularly interacted with her fans. Hence, apart from her earnings from motor car racing, she made a substantial amount of money from other sources as well.

Sabine Schmitz Net Worth Analysis: Read Now 

Year Sabine Schmitz Net Worth in $US Million
2021 (at the time of her death) $2 Million

Have a Look at the Wikipedia Data of Sabine Schmitz

Full Name Sabine Schmitz
Other Popular Names Queen of the Nurburgring, Sabine Reck
Date of Birth 14th of May 1969
Date of Death 16th of March 2021
Place of Birth Adenau, Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany
Place of Death Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Age 51 years at the time of demise
Nationality German
Parents Ursula Schmitz
Siblings 2 sisters
Schooling Not known
College Degree Graduation in Catering and Hotel business


She was also a trained sommelier

Profession Professional Motor Racing Driver and TV Personality
Marital Status Married Klaus Abbelen in the year 2007


Previously she was married to a German hotelier, but the couple got divorced in 2000

Spouse Klaus Abbelen (married from 2007 to 2021)
Children Not known

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Career Details

Sabine Schmitz’s village was very close to Nurburgring and thus, she was always fascinated by the motor racing world. She won in the VLN and CHC race events.

Sabine was the winner of the VLN Endurance Racing Championship that was held in the year 1998. In 1996 and 1997, she won the famous 24 Hours Nurburgring championship.

Sabine was also a hotel owner in Pulheim.

In honor of Sabine, the Nurburgring decided to rename the 1st corner of the Nordschleife loop. Ultimately, it was known as the “Sabine Schmitz Kurve”.

Interesting facts

  • Sabine’s family was into catering and hotel business. Initially, she was trained to join the same business but eventually, she chose racing as her career.
  • She was known by the tag of the fastest taxi driver in the world.
  • In the year 2020, Sabine shared about her extremely persistent cancer through social media. She got to know about her cancer in 2017.
  • Sabine Schmitz passed away on the 16th of March 2021, at the age of 51 years.


Sabine Schmitz was a remarkable motor racing driver and she died because of cancer in the year 2021. Very often, the German racing circuit has stated that they have lost their most successful female racing driver. She truly earned the title of the “Queen of Nurburgring”. There are many achievements to her credit and her memories will always stay in the hearts of her family and fans. In the year 2021, Sabine Schmitz Net Worth was assessed at a figure of 2 million dollars. Sabine had an excellent career and she was surely an inspiration for many.


Q1. What is Sabine Schmitz Net Worth?

A1. Her net worth at the time of death was more than 2 million dollars.

Q2. What was the cause of Sabine Schmitz’s death?

A2. She died because of a rare kind of vulvar cancer.

Q3. What is the name of Sabine Schmitz’s husband?

A3. She married Klaus Abbelen in 2007.

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